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Iberian Survey Services is a company that was born from the expertise and technical solvency acquired over more than 25 years of geomatic projects using the most advanced and precise technology on the market, developing software aimed at optimizing processes, with a special focus on the mining industry (especially in inland mining projects).
The versatility of the geomatic services combined with the great investment in the technology of its equipment park, as well as its ability to customize solutions, grant to their products a wide applicability in relevant sectors such as mining, oil & gas, shipbuilding, civil and aeronautical, Power Lines and renewable energies, among others.
As well as converging investment and growth strategies, various experiences, Know-How, technological capacity, and a vast and modern equipment park have been combined, in order to make IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES, through solid and sustained growth, a reference for solutions in area of ​​Geomatics not only in the Iberian market, but in the global market as well.

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Our Team

It is a central objective of IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES to build a team of great professionals who can put the company’s most ambitious goals into practice.
Thus, in addition to the added value inherent in the fact that its management body is composed of highly specialized technicians in the field of Geoengineering, IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES has a team of highly specialized professionals in the most diverse areas of activity correlated with the sector in which it operates: Surveyors, Drawers, Quantity Surveyors, Surveying Engineers, Geography Engineers, and Civil Engineers.
IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES has outlined as a strategy for the coming years, a continuous commitment and training of technicians to create a team capable of embracing any kind of project regardless of its level of requirement or size.

"We do not seek find clients for our solutions... but solutions for our clients"

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Our Values

  • Iberian Survey Services - Valores Capacitación


    We continuously invest in the technological training and in the qualification of a team of competent technicians.

  • Iberian Survey Services - Valores Innovación


    The success of a company is not only related to the good administration of its managers, but to the creativity and innovation of its employees. For this reason, we make it a priority to innovate more in technology, in technical solutions and in our products.

  • Iberian Survey Services - Valores Trabajo-equipo


    In our organization, we always give priority to teamwork, thus strengthening personal relationships and professional growth. In the end, the most important thing is to achieve a common goal, in the most efficient way.

  • Iberian Survey Services - Valores Confianza


    We always establish personalized relationship with each customer, adjusting the appropriate solutions to his needs and fulfilling our commitment.

  • Iberian Survey Services - Valores Precision


    The basis of our activity. Without precision, we are no longer honest with ourselves and with our customers. So, we commit ourselves every day in the quest for that precision, to be able to render excellent services, providing our products with versatility, productivity, and value.