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With more than 25 years of experience, the ISS staff understood that the market was on the way to saturation in terms of providing basic Geomatics services. Always with a vision of the future and equipped with people and equipment, ISS has been committed since the beginning for specialized services, for very specific industries, only within the reach of an experienced structure and backed by a strong investment in technology.
In this sense, we consider as Premium services, firstly, a range of personalized services for mining projects, and secondly, following the strong growth of the Energy Industry, a specialized service of Air Inspection of Electric Transmission Lines.


ISS Advanced Mining Consulting services are essential for managing the entire lifecycle of a project, from design and construction to installation, upgrade, and renovation. They provide significant added value in optimizing…


With the energy industry gaining an increasingly global role, and with the increasing need for access to electricity, distribution companies have increasingly invested in the inspection and maintenance of power transmission lines. Regular inspection of assets makes it possible to significantly reduce breakdowns…

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