Technology area

We respond to the specific needs of the market or customers in the industrial and mining sectors.

Technological products


The existing solutions are products based on the experience, knowledge and capacity of our team to develop new and innovative products based on the integration of technological systems and the development of customised software and hardware. As a result of this service you can expect the development of robotic solutions, custom software platforms, implementation of special machine tools, or any materialisation of ideas that can be implemented through the use and integration of technology. 

BI for operation optimization

A product developed with the aim of facilitating the transition to the digitalisation of business processes.

It is a technological platform based on software made up of different modules that facilitate and optimize the recording of data on the operation of a service and allows advanced analysis of the operation information for the mining, industry and civil works sectors.

Thus, the effects of using this software platform are:

  • Standardisation of processes through digitalisation.
  • Maximisation of efficiency.
  • Maximisation of productivity.

Access control

We deal with everything from the installation of access elements to the development of innovative technological systems.

  • Design according to customer requirements.
  • Network and equipment sizing. Installation of devices and cabling. Supply of materials and devices. Implementation of software systems.
  • Integration with systems.


Advanced technological solutions based on state-of-the-art IP camera systems (fixed, dome, PTZ).

  • Turnkey projects. Advanced technological solutions based on state-of-the-art IP camera systems (fixed, dome, PTZ): visible spectrum, infrared, thermographic.
  • Assembly and integration with multi-screen Control Centre for visual process control.
  • Advanced applications based on automatic video analytics.
  • Infrastructure sizing.
  • Analysis and evaluation of customer needs.
  • Integration of CCTV systems.
  • Added-value services: performance on other systems, number plate detection (LPR).