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Presenting a wide range of resources that adjust to the needs of its customers, IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES can provide in a dynamic way and through multidisciplinary teams a wide range of products and integrated solutions in the field of Geomatics and Engineering.
This capability allows IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES to adjust manpower and equipment for each project according to the technical requirements that are presented, thus managing to reduce production time, increase efficiency, and not the least important, get a balanced cost-benefit ratio.
The “responsibility” of this notoriously credible framework is mainly due to two distinct factors: the curriculum that our team has after years of intense activity and the multiplicity of specialized services that the company can provide.


MBES Bathymetric Survey



transform your assets

in digital data


mining consulting

& Geodesy

The Gepmatica Department is the true pillar of our activity. The vast experience of its management staff in this area, and the number of technicians that IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES has with this specialty, allow for a specialized performance with high levels of professionalism and Know-How.

  • Topographic, architectural, and industrial survey
  • Site Surveying Works
  • Volume measurements survey
  • Structure Monitoring and Subsidence Control
  • High-precision Leveling Lines
  • Micro-Geodesy applied to structural monitoring
  • Observation and calculation of networks and traverses

To respond to the need to expand our sphere of competence, we have also created our Engineering & Design Department. Since then, the company has been able to carry out the design, supervision, and management of projects in this important area of the construction sector, having relevant know-how for the following services:

  • Work coordination support
  • Studies, and Design Changes
  • Quantities audit for BOQ´s
  • Design consulting
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Civil and industrial technical drawing
  • Technical coordination
  • Supervision
& Design

And because Geomatica is not just done on land, we are also prepared to respond to your needs on the water. In addition to our Know-How, we are equipped with a wide range of equipment to operate not only in a manned vessel, but also in a nautical drone:

  • Bathymetric Surveys Single Beam (SBES) and Multibeam (MBES)
  • Nautical drone to work in special environments such as mining ponds or industrial reservoirs
  • Topographic Characterization for Rivers and coastline
  • Flood studies
  • Water column volume in dams and ferries
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Quantification of dredging volumes
  • Quantification of sedimentation levels

Having LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), also known as LaserScan, IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES features a Laser Scanning Department (DLS) structured into three main lines of operation: Production, Development and Research, thereby intending to increase scientific and technological knowledge, in order to offer its customers greater versatility, productivity and value.
IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES offers high precision and quality engineering solutions for leading players in the Mining, Oil and Gas, Energy and Water industries, among others. We offer multidisciplinary engineering support services, including 3D modelling, As-Built models, structural conflict analysis, 3D mapping, and many other products.

  • Point Cloud for Geometric Characterization
  • Dimensional Control and Structural Analysis
  • Asset inventory
  • Reverse Engineering
  • As-Built 3D Modeling
  • Scan to BIM & Scan to PDMS
  • Dimensional metrology
  • Industrial Metrology: Automotive Industry, Molds and Machinery
& Laser Tracker
& Aerial mapping

We also offer our customers digital photogrammetry, using UAV technology. We are thus able to perform fully automated flights for the acquisition of aerial photography, which after being processed, allows us to produce Orthoimages with a spatial resolution of up to 3 cm, maps and 3D models of the terrain, extracting the shape, dimensions and position of the objects present. in the photographed scene.
Thus, we have gathered the metric and semantic information that allows us to produce, among others, DSM (digital surface models), DEM (digital elevation models), DTM (digital terrain models, Orthophotomaps, etc, etc.).

  • Aerial photogrammetry
  • Aerial mapping
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Structural Inspection Flights
  • Remote Visual Inspection in underground mine
  • Stockpiles Volumes Calculation
  • Power Line inspection
  • Aerial footage

To respond to market demands, which in our area of ​​activity substantially affect the technology used, IBERIAN SURVEY SERVICES owns a mobile LIDAR system. With this innovative technology, we can capture a massive amount of data with high levels of productivity and speed, which combined with the simplicity of the calculation processes, allows us to present accurate results and without any subjective component in the collection.
This mobile system allows us to operate with any mobile platform, be it vehicles, trains, boats, manned helicopters or finally a large drone called RiCopter. It is the ideal tool for Corridor Mapping, Railway Survey, Power Lines Inspection and both cities and roads inventorying.

  • Corridor mapping
  • Power Lines Inspection
  • Cities asset inventory
  • Road inventory
  • Railway Survey
  • Large-scale topographical survey
  • Offending Vegetation Detection & Ground Clearance Analysis
& Mobile Mapping


the inaccessible


Our drones capture beyond-line-of-sight data without risking operator safety
access the inaccessible


Collision Avoidance

Video Resolution

Pilot-free Operation

Points per Second

LIDAR-based Simultaneous
Localization and Mapping



Maximum Flight Time

Range Accuracy

18 min

Up to ±3cm

Iberian Survey Services - Drone ExynAero


autonomous flight for